I was once working with Patrick Fraley, a well known VO in Hollywood. I was consulting with him before my first audiobook job, asking him tips on how to bid on the project. He asked me to read a couple of pages of the book, to get an estimate of the time per page. I just started reading, cold.

Pat was impressed with my cold reading abilities. He said,

“Wow, Mark…you’re good. You’re scary good. No mistakes. You’re an excellent cold reader. Do you read like this all the time?”

The truth is, I do. I’m very good at the cold read. Which makes me perfect for reading audiobooks…

Here’s what other people say about working with Mark…

Mark brings to the table all the qualities we look for in our cast and crew. He is multi-talented, creative, flexible, attentive, punctual, prepared, hard working, and takes direction well.

— Leigh Gregory, Creative Director/Executive Producer at Bright Tomorrow Productions, Burbank, CA

With his deep baritone voice, his ability to understand material quickly, and his skill at responding to direction, Mark is a pleasure to have on the set or in the studio. I’ve encountered few who possess his level of intuition as an actor along with his voice control that rivals any broadcaster or voice over artist.

–Charles Miller, Sunrise West Productions, Los Angeles, CA